You may view all trips then register and pay on this page. Next you must submit all travel forms that have been signed by parents and approved at least 1-2 weeks before camp begins to your Educatius coordinator.

Camps include 10-20 students and may change or be cancelled based on registration.

We will call you and host parent 3-5 days before the camp.

Call Kent Younger at 623-810-4633 if you have any questions.

 Price does not include flight  to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for California & Utah Students

Camp #2: Disneyland/California Adventure and Hollywood Tour

(Fri-Sun) Includes transportation and supervision, hotel, 

admission into Disneyland and California Adventures.  On Sunday we will tour the Hollywood Walk of Fame and shop. (Bring money for meals and snacks.)  (Camp is Completed)

Camp #3: Grand Canyon Weekend Adventure 

(One of the Seven Wonders of the World) 

(Fri-Sun) Includes transportation and supervision, park entry, partial hike into canyon, south rim bus tour, walking, photo tour, lodging on the south canyon rim at Maswik Lodge. 

(Bring money for all your meals and snacks) (Camp is completed)

Camp #4: Las Vegas Tour and Show Experience

(Fri-Sun) Includes transportation, supervision, hotel stay at Travelodge on the Strip,  tour of Las Vegas strip, attend a family friendly Las Vegas show.  Experience the "City of Lights"  

(Bring money for all your meals and snacks)

Camp #5: Ski or Snowboard Getaway to Snowbowl Arizona

(Fri-Sun) Includes transportation, lodging and supervision, lift tickets, ski or snowboard rentals and a half day lesson for beginners.  Enjoy the highest mountain in AZ.

(Bring money for all your meals and snacks) (Camp Completed)


Camp #6:  Sedona Resort Stay Presidents Day Weekend
(Sat-Mon) Includes transportation and  resort stay in Sedona, tour downtown to shop or visit art galleries then hike one of the most beautiful trails in Arizona. Bring your swim suits to enjoy the multiple heated pools and hot tubs. Tennis & mini Golf available
(Bring money for all meals and snacks) 
(Camp Completed)

​​Camp #7: Disneyland/California Adventure and Huntington Beach
(Fri-Sun) Includes transportation and supervision, hotel, 
admission into Disneyland and California Adventures.  On Sunday we will visit Huntington Beach for volleyball, frisbee, and body boarding  (Bring money for meals and snacks.)

(Registration Open Waiting List please call 623-810-4633)​

Camp #8: Petrified Forest, El Morro, Route 66 Travel and American Camping Experience in New Mexico   
(Fri-Sun) Includes transportation and supervision, camping gear, meals, admission into Petrified forest and El Morro Monument. Tents, Outdoor Games, Hiking, Campfire and Smores in the mountains of New Mexico.  (Registration Open)

(Bring money for 2 meals during travel, camping meals included)

Camp #9: Grand Canyon Weekend Adventure 
(Sat-Sun) Includes transportation and supervision, park entry, south rim tram and hiking tour, outdoor photography and  lodging in Flagstaff Arizona . 
(Bring money for meals, breakfast included.) 
 (Registration Open)​

Please fill out Registration form Educatius Camps 2017-18

Once you have had all travel forms approved make payment through Pay Pal on this page and submit the Registration Form below, then your reservation is complete. Please invite your friends in the Educatius Program to join you--seats are limited. 

There are additional student liability forms (in the left margin of this page, blue , orange and green color) to be downloaded, signed by host parent then turned in at the pick up site. Be sure to check your E-mail for confirmation.  All specific information will be

e-mailed 2-4 weeks before each camp as a flyer to all students.

If you have further questions please contact Kent Younger at 623-810-4633.

Thank You for joining us for this amazing experience.

Pick up/Drop off Sites for Arizona trips are located below:

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for students from California, Utah, and Sierra Vista


(Shea & 32nd St. NE Corner)  

10631  N. 32nd St.


Barnes and Noble 

(Rio Salado & McClintock)
2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway
(Tempe Marketplace)


(Tatum & Rose Garden)
21050 N. Tatum Blvd. 
(Desert Ridge)

​In-N-Out Burger

(Yorkshire & 27th Ave)

19407 N. 27th Ave.

Camp #7 Disneyland/California Adventures and the Beach  $465

Apr 6-7-8  Arizona, California Utah Students

Camp #6 Sedona Resort Stay Presidents Day Weekend  

Feb. 17-18-19  Arizona, California and Utah Students

Camp #4 Las Vegas Tour and Show  

Dec. 8-9-10  Arizona, California and Utah Students

Camp #3  Grand Canyon Weekend Adventure 

 Nov. 17-18-19  Arizona , California, Utah Students

Consent and Liability:

I hereby acknowledge that by completing this registration form and submitting it with payment that I have full permission from my host family and parents to attend this trip.  This trip includes transportation, possible meal(s), and activities.  I have the understanding and knowledge of the possibility of dangers or risks involved and hereby agree to accept any and all risks of injury or death as a result of such participation and transportation.  I hereby confirm that I am also responsible for any and all expenses and travel arrangements.  I hereby agree to indemnify and old harmless Arizona Outdoor Experience LLC, the owner  employees, volunteers, Educatius International, the overseas organization and my host family.  I have fully read this agreement and fully understand its contents.  I am aware of release of liability and an assumption of risks of my own free will. 

All reservations and registration cancellations must be made 14 Days before Camp begins.    A  fee of $250 will be retained and is non-refundable for cancellations made 14 days prior to camp.   No refund will be given for cancellations made 13 days (or less) prior to camp.   

*Most trips are limited to only 8-20 students or less so encourage early registration (First registered and submitted on website their seat is secured). Host family children in high school are invited to attend or high school friends. Just register and pay on web site. Registration will be verified 3-5 days in advance by phone call from Arizona Outdoor Experience.

If you have any questions you can E-mail owner Kent Younger at: or cell phone 623-810-4633 from 6-9pm.

(Arizona Outdoor Experience L.L.C.)


Camp #5 Ski and Snowboard Getaway to Snowbowl 

Jan. 19-20-21  Arizona, California, and Utah Students

Camp #2 Disneyland/California Adventures and the Beach  

Oct. 20-21-22  Arizona, California Utah Students

Camp #8  Petrified Forest, Route 66 Travel Tour and Camping in New Mexico  $185

Apr. 27-28-29  Arizona, Los Angeles and Utah Students


Camp #3  Grand Canyon Weekend Adventure  $195

 May 5-6  Arizona , California, Utah Students